Posted on: October 24, 2010 4:10 pm

I Was Right

The leopard shows his true spots.  I shut down my blog when the aging sexter became the QB of my beloved Minnesota Vikings.  I have to ressurect it today. 

Today is the day that Brett Favre showed the world the size of a D bag he truely is.  Today is the day, it came public that it was him coming on to the Jet girl on those messages.  Hah!  Defend your hero now.

I feel now would be a good time to do my schtick.  Once again this:Cool  will equal the check mark. 

Crybaby: Cool The guy cries at work.
Drama Queen: Cool Texting Ed Werder about your knee before your own team, classy.
Interception Machine: Cool See his last pass in the NFC Championship game against the Saints
Distraction: Cool Sexting, crying at work, etc.
Me First Player: Cool Skips training camps
Indecisive: Cool  Hasn't decided what to order for breakfast................. yesterday.
Adulterer: Cool Classy, leaving a message for a fellow employee for sex,  You know I have been a firm believer that ole "tears and beers"  was present at Chewy's pool party, this news validates my opinion. 
Pill Popper:Cool Vicodin addict

I'm missing something, oh well, I think the point is made.  The leopard showed his true spots.  My one question as a non-believer is how does a devout C bag go and do something like this.  This is a guy who brought his preacher with when he went on Leno.  Wow, talk about a hypocrite.

As for my beloved Purple...................  I hope the scumbag plays great tonight.  Go Vikings
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